Photo of Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.


Organization Overview

Electric and natural gas service in the Mid-Hudson Valley.
Victor Narkaj
Victor Narkaj District Director
Amanda Sargent Unknown
Andrea Guido Unknown
Anthony Campagiorni Vice-President, Customer Services
Barry Henck Unknown
Bill Flynn Unknown
Brian Finn Central Hudson
Chris Capone CEO
Christopher Gregory Director of Corporate Communications
Dana O'neill Marketing/Corporate Communications
Danielle Whiteley Central Hudson
Erin Murphy Clerical Assistant Corporate Communications, Marketing & Consumer Outreach
Jason Malizia District Director
Jerry Nappi Director of Corporate Communications
John Maserjian Public Relations
Karl Schoeberl unconfirmed
Kerrie Pratt Unknown
Lisa Kopp Unknown
Marc Alston Associate District Director
Michael Lauchaire Unknown
Nathan Jackson District Director
Sarah Greco Clerical Assistant - Corporate Communications
Tom Su Central Hudson
Toni McDowell unconfirmed
Wayne Mancroni unconfirmed
CI Logo Manufacturing Member

Products & Services
Energy Systems & Products, Telecommunications & Utilities