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AutoCAD SUNY Ulster Credential

AutoCAD SUNY Ulster Credential

SUNY Ulster Credential

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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This course covers the basics of CAD drawing using AutoCAD. Topics covered; Work Environment Setup, Entity Creation (LINE, ARC, CIRCLE, and POLYGON etc.), Entity Modification (ERASE, MOVE, COPY, ARRAY, MIRROR, etc.), LAYERs, Symbol Creation and Recall (BLOCK, WBLOCK, INSERT, etc.), Dimensioning Setup and Creation, Annotation (TEXT, DTEXT, MTEXT, and QLEADER), File Storage and Recall (SAVE, SAVEAS, OPEN). Students must have access to the Autodesk AutoCAD software. A free student version can be DOWNLOADED. Communication from Required materials: Autodesk AutoCAD software

Required textbook (not included. Must be purchased by the student): Beginning AutoCAD 2022 Exercise Workbook. Shrock/Heather, Industrial Press Inc. 2021 ISBN: 978-0-8311-3666-6

DCB 2400 CRN 90520 M/W 9/27-12/11 5:30-7:30pm (non-credit bearing class) SRC $686

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Barbara Ann Livermore Reer
Barbara Ann Livermore Reer
Assistant Dean for Workforce, Career Development and... SUNY Ulster

Funding available for pre-apprentices for both the credit-bearing and the non-credit bearing courses.

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