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The Bi-Weekly Newsletter of the Council of Industry
June 2, 2022

Council of Industry Updates 

What's Happening in Your Association

Council of Industry Honors HV Mfg Trailblazers at Manufacturing Champions Breakfast
POUGHKEEPSIE, NY -- On Thursday, May 26, the Council of Industry celebrated the Manufacturing Champions at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel. The festivities started off with the first-ever Workforce Expo, where schools, colleges and organizations supporting the Hudson Valley manufacturing workforce gathered to share programs and initiatives throughout the region.
“We are so happy to have had the opportunity to recognize these worthy champions. We are also very appreciative of our workforce development partners that came to the expo," says Johnnieanne Hanse, the Council's Vice President of Operations and Workforce Development. "I think everyone was impressed by the quality and variety of programs, by the teachers and students who attended and by their commitment and enthusiasm for manufacturing. We know we can’t solve the skills gap overnight but with partners like these we know we will eventually get there.”
Along with a delicious breakfast, the Awards Presentation recognized the 2022 champions for their contributions to Hudson Valley manufacturing. Council of Industry friends, old and new, joined us, along with all our wonderful sponsors, without whom this event would be possible. Thank you to all our attendees and sponsors.
Congratulations to the 2022 Manufacturing Champions!
Sean Hamilton, Director of Operations, Putnam Precision Products
Private Sector Champion
Resource Center for Accessible Living (RCAL)
Supporting Organization Award
Aaron Hopmayer, Pine Bush High School Principal
Educator Champion
Clarkson/Council of Industry Strategic Leadership Program: Foundations of Digital Transformation
The Digital Transformation badge developed with Siemens introduces earners to emerging digital technology trends including 5G, AI, and the future of computing. Earners of this badge are able to address the impacts that these technologies are having on the product lifecycle of diverse industries. They will be able to illustrate techniques and applications of digital solutions across the product lifecycle.
Important dates:
Program Kickoff and Orientation:  June 7th 8:30 - 10:30am
(via zoom)
Two Week Check-in and Networking Discussion: June 22nd
(time to be confirmed, via zoom)
Primarily asynchronous module scheduled from June 7th - July 6th
Clarkson University and the Council of Industry have partnered to offer the Strategic Leadership for Manufacturing Executives Microcredential Program to equip the Hudson Valley workforce with the skills needed to succeed in today's manufacturing environment.
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Manufacturing Sector News

Survey Shows Why Some Manufacturers Have Thrived Amid Disruption 
Despite facing disruption in supply chains, labor and customer demand, some manufacturers used data to launch innovative products while embracing digitization and automation to improve operations and foster growth, management consulting firm Wiplfi finds in a new study of 194 U.S. manufacturers. About 7% of manufacturers say they are leaders in resilience, product innovation, digitally driven growth and automation, while 75% of respondents say they perform well in at least one of those performance areas, according to the Resilient Manufacturers Study. The survey also found that 72% of manufacturers are unable to launch new products in less than six months and 19% did not have an innovation or growth plan in place.
5 Ways to Lower Supplier Costs in an Inflationary Environment
Pandemic-related mismatches of supply and demand in addition to transportation and labor constraints have created an extremely high-cost environment for suppliers. Add in policy changes and interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve to slow the inflationary spiral, and you have a recipe for prices increases across the board. Supply pricing pressures provide a golden opportunity to separate price from cost. The current inflationary environment is also a chance for buyers and sellers to take a fresh look at how they conduct business. Here are five ways to take advantage of potential price increases to leverage other savings and actually reduce supplier-related costs.
What Leaders Can Do Right Now to Protect Their Employees from Workplace Violence
As we mourn in sorrow and frustration the senselessness of recent shootings, too often we hear, “If only there was something we could do about it.” And again, all too often some of the suggestions are heavily politicized: Ban guns. Institutionalize the mentally ill. Have armed security stationed at every school and place of business. Fortunately, for safety professionals, there are plenty of things you can do, and many of you are already doing them. The safety profession has been at the forefront in recognizing the need for policies and procedures that directly address the incidence of workplace violence, and what specifically to do about it. Following are 10 recent EHS Today articles that offer insights, recommendations, tools and best practices for dealing with active shooters, in the hopes that something can be done to stop the madness.
Manufacturers Leading on Sustainability
The manufacturing industry continuously plans for the future. By nature, its engineering orientation primes it for innovation and improvement. Of necessity, manufacturers must stay efficient, seeking to eliminate waste and defects. Perhaps that's why, when it comes to sustainability, manufacturers are among the most engaged and optimistic businesses. In a recent global Harris Poll survey of leaders across industries commissioned by Google Cloud, manufacturing executives expressed the greatest optimism in their company's commitment, and reported the highest rates of recycling, office sustainability practices, and efforts to offset their carbon footprint
Climate Action Council Extends Deadline for Public Comment on Scoping Plan to July 1
New York State’s Climate Action Council (CAC), today announced the extension of the public comment period deadline for the Draft Scoping Plan to July 1, 2022. The Draft Scoping Plan,released on December 30, 2021, provides several scenarios informed by proposed policies and actions to help New York meet its ambitious climate directives as part of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act).The extension is based on significant feedback following 11 public hearings-nine in-person and two virtual-and builds on the more than 18,000 public comments received to date. NewYorkers are encouraged to review and comment on the Draft Scoping Plan by July 1, 2022.
How to Protect Employees Who May Not Know How to Ask for Help
Whatever the causes, employees are feeling overwhelmed like never before, and the situation doesn’t seem to be improving even as COVID recedes. In a Robert Half survey of 2,400 U.S. professionals, 41% said they feel more burned out now than they did a year ago. And here’s one more statistic to consider: 76% of workers report being frequently tired at work, according to a Zippia study of 1,500 U.S. workers, with stress and anxiety being the two leading causes. Imagine, then, the challenges safety leaders face knowing a significant number of their employees— many of whom work in hazardous, high-risk situations—are stressed out, burned out, distracted and overtired. Leaders don’t need a degree in mental health counseling to help keep their employees out of harm’s way, nor do they need to be mind readers who able to peer into the deepest recesses of their employees’ psyches. They just need to do what they already do best: Pay close attention to their people.
M&A Deal Activity In U.S. Manufacturing Bounces Back
M&A and capital raising activity within the U.S. manufacturing vertical bounced back in 2021 from the pandemic levels experienced in 2020, with median valuations and deal sizes rapidly rising throughout 2021. Deal activity in 2021 was fueled by a perfect storm of dynamics, including historically low interest rates, loads of private equity “dry powder” capital available for investment, and a (seemingly) revived U.S. economy. Megadeals (transactions exceeding $1 billion in deal value) and a record year for IPO activity also contributed to the increased values and deal sizes in 2021. (Council of Industry Partner 360QAccel will from time to time share this data with our members. The PitchBook database was utilized to generate the statistics and graph used in this post. PitchBook combines human intelligence with technology to filter, collect, and sort the most accurate data available. Search criteria for this analysis included all companies classified by PitchBook within the manufacturing vertical that had a completed transaction during the period 1/1/2019 – 5/31/2022.
Report: Robots Gaining Ground at N. American Businesses 
North American businesses across industries bought 11,595 robots in the first quarter, up 28% from the same period last year, according to the Association for Advancing Automation. Quarterly robot orders by non-automotive customers surpassed those by automotive firms, and A3 President Jeff Burnstein predicts adoption will "continue to rise in every industry, and at companies of all sizes" as robots become less expensive and easier to use.
Cornell JumpStart Program for NY State Small Businesses Accepting Applications
Through collaborations with Cornell experts and with matching funds from NY State, the JumpStart program helps NYS small businesses solve identifiable problems related to materials. The award program provides:
• A semester-long project that utilizes Cornell University resources • Up to $5,000 in NYSTAR funding
• An opportunity to build a relationship with university faculty and staff
JumpStart projects may involve up to $15,000 in project costs apportioned as 33% CCMR-NYSTAR funds, 33% company cash, and 33% company non-cash contributions (such as employee time, materials, travel expenses, and other expenses). Alternatively, the non-cash contributions can be less than 33%, with the proportion of the company cash contribution correspondingly increased. The CCMR-NYSTAR matching funds are provided through a matching grant from Empire State Development (ESD) to the CCMR.
How Recent College Graduates are Finding Their Way in Today’s Workforce
The iCIMS Class of COVID-19 report seeks to provide a better understanding of the next generation of our workforce, revealing areas of synergy as well as fundamental disconnects between talent and employers today.
  • HR and recruiting pros say entry-level job seekers have impractical expectations when it comes to workplace flexibility, salary and company culture.
  • There is a 20% difference between college seniors/recent grads average salary and what HR and recruiting pros expect to pay.
  • Loyalty is “in.” Two-thirds of college seniors/grads see themselves having a long-term career path with their employer.
  • An unprofessional appearance is the top reason entry-level candidates aren’t being hired.
  • Social media searches go both ways. Talent admits to researching or “stalking” hiring teams’ social channels ahead of meeting with them.
  • Work perks focus in on well-being. College seniors/grads expect mental health to be a priority


Upcoming Events

Clarkson Strategic Leadership for Manufacturing Executives Certificate Course 
June 7, 2022 to Wednesday, July 6, 2022
The Digital Transformation badge developed with Siemens introduces earners to emerging digital technology trends including 5G, AI, and the future of computing. Earners of this badge are able to address the impacts that these technologies are having on the product lifecycle of diverse industries. They will be able to illustrate techniques and applications of digital solutions across the product lifecycle.
Mid-Hudson CFA Virtual Information Session with the Council of Industry
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)
The Council of Industry is pleased to partner with Empire State Development (ESD) staff for a virtual Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) information session focused on manufacturing to learn more about the funding available in Round XII of the REDC initiative.

The Manufacturing Matters Podcast

Manufacturing Matters Podcast:
Dr. Peter Grant Jordan
With a proud 60-year history and more than 50 academic programs, Dutchess Community College is highly regarded for providing an outstanding education in an enriching, caring and supportive environment. Their faculty and staff are committed to student success and their affordable tuition offers students and families significant savings on the first two years of a college education.
Harold talks with Peter about his long and impressive academic career, his commitment to the community college role and mission, how that role and mission is evolving and how DCC is rising to the occasion by forming strong partnerships with industry, other academic institutions and community organizations.