Council of Industry September 8 Newsletter

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The Bi-Weekly Newsletter of the Council of Industry
September 8, 2022
Council of Industry Updates
What's Happening in Your Association
Council of Industry Annual Golf Outing Hosts 96 Golfers at Powelton Club
The Council of Industry held its Annual Golf Outing on August 29th at the Powelton Club in Newburgh. The event drew 96 golfers from manufacturing firms throughout the Hudson Valley.
We'd like to thank our incredible sponsors for their support in making the event possible. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.
Congratulations to our winners!
1. Lakeland Bank, 62
2. PKF O’Connor and Davies, 66
3. Marshall & Sterling, 66
Yellow Ball:
1. Bleakley Platt, 76
2. Bank of America Team 1, 92
3. Viking Industries, 97
Best Ball:
1. President Container, 76
2. Package Pavement, 84
Closest to the Pin Men:
Stephen Brown, Bleakley Platt
Closest to the Pin Women:
Megan Leitzinger, Bank of America
Longest Drive Men:
Ryan Sheflott, Lakeland Bank
Longest Drive Men:
Brandi Rider, Rhinebeck Bank
In-Person Certificate in Manufacturing Leadership Course Kicks off October 6
For over 25 years, The Certificate in Manufacturing Leadership program has offered attendees a range of leadership skills through concentrations of courses.
Participants who complete the required courses are presented with the Certificate in Manufacturing Leadership by the Council of Industry. Individuals who complete the full program will receive acknowledgment and a certificate at the annual luncheon. 
Stewart Airport, Larkin Conference Room
Last chance for early registration! Discount Code: Leadership2022
Call (845)-565-1355 for non member pricing and group discounts.
Mfg Day is October 7!
The National Association of Manufacturers and the Council of Industry have resources that can help you host a successful, impactful MFG Day event. 
This year, Manufacturing Day will take place on Friday, October 7, 2022.  But events are taking place the entire month of October.
October 7: Fair-Rite Products and the Council of Industry will host the Hudson Valley Focus Live Radio show from 6:00 - 9:00 am on News Radio WKIP, Poughkeepsie 1450 am. 
October 29: Valley Central Highs School will host a Multi School Career Exploration. Details to follow.
The Council of Industry is more than happy to help you connect with a local school district and/or elected officials to schedule visits. Please reach out to Harold King or Johnnieanne Hansen.
For information on advertising in this and other CI publications
contact Harold King ( for more information
Manufacturing Sector News
Innovation Should Stretch from Top Floor to Shop Floor
The conversation surrounding reviving American manufacturing often centers around innovation. As a very tech-focused society, we naturally gravitate toward the idea that newer, faster, more AI-dependent machines will restore American factories to their former glory—and, if this model offers fewer jobs, at least they are “better”—that is to say, more highly skilled jobs.
The truth, though, is that U.S. industries already excel at imagining new technologies, yet manufacturing has recovered very few of the millions of jobs lost, with a more than 20% decline in workforce share. And more efficient tools haven’t seemed to increase overall profit, either, as manufacturing’s share of GDP is at a historically low level. The biggest challenge, then, might not be innovating technologies at all. For manufacturers, the challenge lies more in bringing the process of innovation back under the manufacturing roof.
The Forces Shaping a New Generation of CEOs 
Some leaders of the past focused on extrinsic rewards such as money or power, but modern leaders have evolved as they manage an era of increased employee agency and sensitive social issues that may need to be addressed, says former Medtronic CEO Bill George, co-author of "True North: Emerging Leader Edition." "Today's leaders have gone from self-interest to really trying to build a great organization and they know how to ... empower people to do it and align them around a common mission and values," George says in this interview with Scott Eblin.
Drowning in Raw Data? Lean Principles Can Help
A manufacturing plant produces more than just goods. It’s also a data factory. Every asset, product, process and system on the plant floor creates and contributes to a staggering volume of data. One programmable logic controller alone can produce tens of thousands of data tags. According to IBM, the average factory generates 1TB of production data every day. But we all know raw, unstructured data has its challenges. Because it was never intended to be used beyond process control, the data is not correlated for use by enterprise systems in the cloud. It lacks context and standardization. It must be modeled in motion.
Fortunately, manufacturers already have the framework they need to optimize data production and preparation. The same lean manufacturing concepts that have transformed manufacturing over the past three decades also apply to data management.
Manufacturing Institute: 2023 Women MAKE America Awards
The Manufacturing Institute is now accepting nominations for the 2023 Women MAKE America Awards (formerly STEP Ahead Awards), which will recognize 100 distinguished women leaders and 30 rising female stars in the manufacturing industry. Now entering its 11th year, the awards have celebrated and elevated more than 1,200 women who have made significant contributions to their companies, communities, and the next generation of female manufacturers.
You are encouraged to work with your company to nominate your female colleagues and peers who exemplify leadership and mentorship. View our nomination guide for more details on eligibility, selection process and key dates, and submit your nominations before the Oct. 7 deadline.
A Short Guide to IT Security Lingo
As more and more businesses move their operations online, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been greater. However, many employees are still unfamiliar with many cybersecurity terms. Here are some of the most commonly used terms in IT security. By understanding these terms, you will be better equipped to protect your business from cyberattacks.
NYS Pass Through Entity Tax Program 
The New York State’s Pass Through Entity Tax (PTET) program allows eligible partnerships and S corporations to pay tax at the entity level to provide tax deductions that may otherwise be disallowed when the income is reported on the partners’/shareholders’ personal returns. The program allows the partners/shareholders the ability to deduct New York State taxes paid on their federal tax return by reducing total income from the electing entity. In addition, the business taxes paid will be allowed as a credit against the New York State tax due on the New York personal income tax return.
To file and pay PTET tax, the eligible partnership or S corporation must make an irrevocable annual election by March 15 for the current calendar year, this includes fiscal year filers. For the 2022 year only, the election period has been extended to September 15, 2022.
How Sustainable Are Electric Cars?
An IBM study found that 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact. While recycling more or shopping locally are smaller decisions than purchasing a car, they are all important steps in the right direction. These changing habits signal a shift in priorities towards increasingly sustainable choices. Experts predict that value and ease will continue to be the largest factors in buying decisions for some time, but rounding up the top three will be sustainability.
For the automotive industry, it can be a tough balancing act. But one thing is clear; sustainability is a strategic priority that’s here to stay. In a Capgemini Research Institute survey of 500 large automotive organisations, as well as 300 related experts, it was found that:
Supply Chain- Beating the Inflation, Shortage Double Whammy
It seems that by now no company is unscathed by the double trouble of inflation and supply shortages. Emerging winners are taking a strategic approach to procurement to keep costs below inflation. In some areas, they are even generating P&L gains while assuring supply security and quality. At the other end, for some companies, inflation and supply shortages are eroding earnings. Past experience offers valuable lessons:
Top-performing companies that accelerated out of the last period of high inflation were those that made productivity improvement a top priority. We expect leaders to repeat this pattern as inflation ticks up again. What’s different this time is that the capabilities that enabled procurement organizations to generate year-over-year cost reductions in the past are not enough in the face of today’s turbulent conditions.
Reshoring Accelerates in First Half
In 2021, the private and federal push for domestic supply of essential goods propelled reshoring and foreign direct investment (FDI) job announcements to a record high. Projections from Reshoring Initiative 1H 2022 data show reshoring and FDI continuing these gains. Supply chain gaps and the need for greater self-sufficiency continue as major factors driving reshoring.
The current 2022 projection of jobs announced is around 350,000 -- another record and up from 260,000 in 2021. If the projection is achieved, 2022 will bring the total jobs announced since 2010 to over 1.6 million. The possibility of a Taiwan-China conflict and the threat of China decoupling are focusing those concerns. Destabilizing geo-political and climate forces have brought to light our vulnerabilities and the need to address them.
Upcoming Events
Job Expo Hosted by NYS Senator Michelle Hinchey and Harambee
Saturday, September 10
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Kingston YMCA
507 Broadway in Kingston
Join NYS Senator Michelle Hinchey and Harambee for a Jobs Expo. The fair is free and open to the public, and will be an opportunity for both networking and recruiting. Connect Ulster County residents with meaningful employment opportunities and help our local businesses with current staffing challenges to strengthen the community.
If your company is interested in participating, click here.
Council of Industry On-Air with Hudson Valley Focus Live
Fair-Rite Products and the Council of Industry will host the Hudson Valley Focus Live Radio show from 6:00 - 9:00 am on October 7th.
Guests will include Fair-Rite leadership and employees, educators and elected officials. Hudson Valley Focus Live is hosted by Tom Sipos on News Radio WKIP, Poughkeepsie 1450 a.m. 
The Manufacturing Matters Podcast
Manufacturing Matters Podcast:
Neil McGill
Allendale Machinery Systems has helped countless manufacturers grow, innovate and thrive by providing them with the best, most efficient machine tool solutions. Neil is the third generation of McGills to lead the firm which primarily sells and maintains Haas Machines.
In this episode Harold King speaks with Neil McGill, Director of Operations, Allendale Machinery Systems about the manufacturing industry, automation, workforce development and the future of the machine tool industry.